Friday, November 02, 2007 Goes Easy on the Eyes

After what feels like forever and I'm sure the site designers will agree, got a new face lift yesterday. If you're not in the know then you didn't realize that is one of the family.

It's mostly run by a few renegades who were haters at first but now they more or less put up with all the granola eating Chaco and Patagonia wearing backcoutry types that are the mass of employees around here. They out style the backcountry crew and it definitely shows in the new look.

Perhaps I dig it so much because I like black websites (my personal blog is black, my Firefox skin is "Black Japan") but the site feels like a great fit for the snowboarding crew. With all of the little action images going on and the "busy" images in the header and the footer it reminds me of the Burton ads that I saw a couple of years ago.

I wanted to get some feedback from some of our snowboarding readers so here is a screenshot of the top half of the home page. Take a look at the entire Dogfunk homepage and let us know what you think of it. (not that any of your suggestions or comments will change the look of it anytime soon but hey, you'll get to spend your 2 cents)




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