Friday, November 16, 2007

Prophesy Wall and Angles Landing

November 2-4, 2007

Participants: Jentry M., Mark G., Jocelyn B., Paul L.

When a good friend turns 28 years old I recommend making him the Czar for the weekend. The Czar calls all the shots, when to eat, what to do, and how many lashings you get if you misbehave. As you can imagine it was a great weekend.

In typical weekend-warrior fashion we packed up and headed out of Salt Lake at 6:36pm Friday. We spent the night at Jocelyn’s mother’s house in Cedar City and hit the back roads through the small town of Enterprise, Utah to Prophesy climbing wall. With a set of Black Diamond Camalots the Czar orders us up the mixed sport/trad route, Sticky Revelations 5.10a. Here is the Czar, Jentry, in action, notice the extraordinary distance end to end of his femurs. Having a rock climbing novice on the wall, it was Jocelyn’s second time ever climbing, the Czar dictated a 3 pitch climb that we all conquered mightily. We took a classic “Goat” shot to give the readers some perspective and rapped back down to another climb on Prophesy wall.

Then the Czar lead us up a two-pitch 5.10c route called The Visionaries. The second pitch was a little tricky, but we prevailed yet again. The Czar has a knack for great camera shots, check this one he took .

After some good climbing we headed back to Enterprise and went to the Buckshot Grill for some triple-decker burgers and fries, at the Czars command of course.

We camped outside of Zion Park Saturday night and then wanted to get somewhere with a view, Angles Landing did just that. We started the hike and the Czar pointed out our summit. The hike was beautiful with the fall season golden leaves. The trail travels along an exposed ridgeline and the park service has put in chains for people to hold onto in the sketchier spots. As you may have suspected, the Czar ordered Mark to not use his hands for balance at all during the hike. The summit was reached, the lounge position assumed,

and some vulture watching took place. We saw some big wall climbers going up the northeast face of Angles Landing, maybe in a next year I’ll learn to aid climb. After another nice fall leaves shot at the bottom of the hike we got on the park shuttle and headed back to our car.

That evening Jocelyn made a superb birthday meal, we watched the sun set and then headed back north. Another great adventure weekend survived and we lived through the Czar’s commands, at least until next November...

Check out the Czar birthday weekend complete photoalbum

-- Paul

All photos copyright to Paul Larkin

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