Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cannondale Mountain Bike Demo

Last weekend at Snowbasin Cannondale brought out their new bikes for anyone to come and ride. The resort is a great place to do lift serve or (what I like to do) cheapskate, where you can just start at the bottom and play in the half pipe.

The first bike I took out was the Rush which is a full carbon hill climbing monster. With a $5,000 attractive price tag you really are getting what you pay for. If your into full suspension and like to not only save weight but not have your bike weigh anything then this is your bike, save your pennies!

The other bike I tried was the Caffeine 29er. Going up the single track with 29 inch wheels is like having someone do your taxes. I will say turning that thing was awkward, it seemed very wide.

I don't know how I feel about the single front fork, my motto is: two is better then one and one better be pretty dang amazing when your not having to use two.

For bike demos in your neighborhood check out their calender here. If your in need of some bike gear, SteepandCheap is having a lot of good stuff pop up and the BCoutlet has jerseys and tires.



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