Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dean Karnazeas - Running 154 Miles in Times Square

The endurance madness will never end for Dean. No limits exist in his world.

Today, yes right now, Dean Karnazeas is running on a treadmill located on a platform above Times Square in New York City. He's trying to beat the current world record of 153 miles (and change) within a 24hour period.

Dean Karnazes running in Times Square, NYCAs of this post, he's run just over 95 miles and has about 9 hours left. However, my sources (the guy sitting in the desk next to me) tell me that right now he's currently walking . What? Oh, actually he's eating. I could sit here all day and post exactly what is going on but I have TPS reports to tend to and phone calls to return.

Go check out the live feed with a couple of different camera angles of Dean Karnazeas running at, who is one of his sponsors.

Run like Dean and pick up some Accelrade at - but let's face it, you'll never run like Dean, ever, but hey, you can drink like him!




Blogger Alaska Jack said...

Treadmill at Times Square?

8/10/2008 10:45 AM

Blogger powstash said...

Ok, so it was a stunt on a treadmill in NYC.

Dean Karnazeas is on badass runner who happens to be sponsored by TNF (The North Face). TNF and Dean are friends of ours. So we posted.

If you were our friend and ran 154 miles by spinning laps on the Anchorage airport tarmac we 'd post about it even though it wasn't as cool as doing the same thing in the backcountry.

Thanks for chiming in regardless.

8/11/2008 12:14 AM


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