Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bouldering Gearheads

Black Diamond took out backcountry gearheads this past week to Little Cottonwood canyon for a bouldering session. They had athletes there to whip us into shape and try out some sweet shoes from Scarpa and La Sportiva. My favorite shoe was the Katana from La Sportiva. That has really awesome fit and I am a huge sucker for velcro/slip-ons. I did try the Venom also, it reminded me of the cobra they had a couple years back. The velcro gives you a more solid feel which is good for all types of climbing.

You really have to size down on a slip on though because without laces they are going to stretch a lot more. In about 20 minutes of trying on shoes you can usually find your size. Sizing a whole size down is about standard for most people, even people starting out. The other thing to do with new climbing shoes is dip them in warm water and let them form to your foot while you watch a flick (Vertical Limit won't make you climb better by the way).

If you need help with checking out the shoe line this summer, the BC gearheads are fresh on their climbing game.



Blogger ylfoo said...

Who are Bouldering Gearheads ? What is the thing about it? Care to share? thank you!

8/25/2007 3:40 AM


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