Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jonny A, George W and a Little Jack D

Johnny A, the man of power at Scott USA, spent a little time this past weekend hob nobbin' with the man of power. While most of the crew from Sun Valley wanted to give George W a piece of thier mind some how knocking back a few Jack and Coke's mellowed out the mountain town liberals. Here's the 411 from Johnny A.
Some friends of ours got married at the little church across the street from the White House...then had the reception at the actual White House. The groom's father is first cousins with George W.

It really was a surreal experience...meeting George W, George Sr, Barbara, Laura and even the twins. There was a good contingency form Ketchum/Sun Valley there...a lot of people went in with the attitude of “Oh I am going to give him a peace of my mind” but once you are actually there, drinking a Jack and Coke with the President....a guy who is very personable and actually quit change your tune to “He really was a pretty cool guy.”

Personal cameras were frowned upon...but a buddy of mine showed up wearing a blue and white striped seersucker suit, the exact same as George Sr. After meeting George Sr, I said that I had a friend that I had to introduce to him and that I would be right back. I grabbed my friend and said George Sr wanted to meet him. We walked up and he goes...."you're the best dressed man here!" I reached in to grab my camera, but hesitated remembering that personal cameras were not supposed to be used with the first family...he saw what I was doing and said...”Fire that bad boy up”. It was pretty funny.



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