Monday, July 31, 2006

Cordillera Blanca Gear Tests:
Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero SL Down Jacket

On the summit of TocllarajuMountain Hardwear Sub Zero SL Down JacketThe Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero SL Down Jacket is extremely warm, water-resistant, and about as burly as they come. I was never cold when wearing this jacket, and its water-resistant shell kept the insulation from feeling one drop of moisture. However, it weighs more than the sleeping bag I took to Peru, and it’s nearly as bulky.

The Sub Zero SL is great for ice cragging and hanging out in base camp, but I’ll definitely be getting something lighter for taking on routes. I sold this jacket to the hostel owner when I left the country. It paid for most of my month in her place, and she was psyched to have it. But then again, she doesn't have to carry it up a mountain.

The low down on this down jacket:
  • Super warm
  • Super tough
  • Too heavy
  • Too bulky



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