Monday, July 31, 2006

Joe Holland Takes Second Place at Atacama

Joe Holland, athlete, finished out the Atacama Crossing race in second place. A very respectable finish for a guy that said, "This is my vacation". Joe said of the race while writing an e-mail from the airport in Santiago, Chille:
Had a great time and a solid race. Only a few minor/normal mistakes with pacing and direction.

A million things can go wrong with these sports and I was very luck.

Second as you know and you could probably tell from the results that we had a mutual truce a the end and decided to run as a group. We punished each other enough. After the race I feel strong enough to literally turn around and run it again. Not even a blister. Don't think I lost weight either.
We're looking forward to following whatever it is that Joe is planning for his next vacation. Stay tuned.



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