Friday, July 28, 2006

Cordillera Blanca Gear Tests:
Julbo Reflex Sunglasses

My partner and I each took the Julbo Reflex Sunglasses to Peru and immediately liked them. Though they did fog a little when the going got really tough, these sunglasses performed great. Make sure to wear them with Chums if you’re on a climb all day, as their unpadded arms rub on the ears quite a bit. I was worried that they wouldn’t have enough side coverage for my light-sensitive eyes when we topped out into the sun, but they kept me squint free on every climb. It was also nice to change out the lenses and wear them for the ride back to town instead of sporting the old-school leather side-shield models.

Why the Reflex sunglasses are with me every day in the outdoors:
  • Four interchangeable lenses match any light condition
  • Large lenses block wind, making them great for biking as well as climbing
  • The wrap-around shape lets in very little light, barely more than glacier glasses with leather side shields



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