Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Everest Debate Continues to Smolder

I was over at the Adventure Blog (which by the way is worthy of a bookmark) today reading commentary about David Sharp, the Englishman who was left for dead on Everest despite being passed by nearly 40 people during his final hours of life. It's a long read but one that raises some interesting points. One of them is this -
...maybe this wasn'’t a mountaineering story but a story about how mountaineering serves as a microcosm, albeit a very intense microcosm, of human nature. Aren't we all susceptible to the impulse to avoid the bleeding man on the curb, to leave the problem to someone else? Don'’t we resent having to bail out the less fortunate when they've brought trouble on themselves? And do any of those impulses absolve us of the responsibility to help any way?
Read the whole story about David Sharp on Mountainzone.com



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