Friday, July 14, 2006

Ruth Lake Climbing Crag and Trail Work Day - Utah is organizing and sponsoring an Access Fund Adopt-a-Crag event for the Ruth Lake climbing area in the Uintas. If Rock climbing at Ruth Lake, Utahyou live in Utah or will be visiting and would like to get involved with the event visit the Ruth Lake Event blog to find out the details and how to get involved.

This is the first time climbers have worked with the Forest Service in the Uinta Mountain Range of Utah and we hope this will be the start of a long positive relationship.

If you have an Access Fund rock climbing crag event in your local area and you'd like to have sponsor it e-mail Kendall Card - kcard AT backcountry DOT com

About Ruth Lake

Ruth Lake is one of two very popular rock climbing crags in the Uintas that have seen an increase in traffic over the past few years. I remember when in the summer of 2001 the only beta for the area was a couple of scribbled drawings that I photo copied at White Pine Touring. At that time Ruth Lake had a few bolted routes and there really wasn't a trail from the main hiking trail to bring climbers to the crag.

Over the years a few meandering trails have been created with no commonly accepted route. Additionally the two "warm up climbs" are located at the top of a talus that wraps around to the west of the crag. This talus is a mess to negotiate and has seen a fair amount of erosion.

Now, with the publishing of a full fledged guide book in 2005 the area has seen the number of climbers and dogs increase dramatically as many are fleeing the 100+ temps of the cottonwood canyons to find solid rock and sweatshirt weather in July and August.

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Blogger Monte said...

The Uintas are a great place, I worked some outdoor trips up there. How would you like to climb some twenty five climbs that Warren Harding set up in southeastern Utah? In the early ninties Warren Harding held our outdoor program set up 25 climbs in the Halls Crossing area. If your interested I have a map of all the climbs and there is one climb that noone has been able to climb. Let me know if this is something you or any other climbers would be interested in.

7/20/2006 10:45 PM


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