Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Chuck Norris Power of ProBar

A couple of years ago while in a local climbing
shop I saw a ProBar sitting among the many energy bar options. It definitely stood out back then with its home grown wrapper and message from the founder Art Eggertsen. With time they've gone with a more, shall we say, presentable wrapper featuring the same message from the owner but they've expanded their offering from the Original Blend by adding Whole Berry Blast and most recently a Nutty Banana Boom.

To your taste buds a ProBar is like a chewy creative nutty trail mix that any self respecting hippie vegan would be proud to call their favorite. Although I'm not self respecting hippie vegan I am proud to call ProBar my favorite energy bar. It simply tastes good without the need for a sugar or chocolate coated "taste great!" I've never needed to use a Jedi mind trick on myself when approaching a ProBar. No more gag reflexes. Just mmmmmm good.

To your body it offers 400 solid calories of "I'm going to pump you up" energy. I mean, just look at the ingredient list - almonds, apples, organic banana chips (in the banana flavor of course), organic molasses, sea salt...and more.

To your colon it is like a Chuck Norris style kung fu clean out. Like I said, look at the ingredients. 27% of your daily dose of fiber. More whole foods, nuts and oats in a 3 oz bar than your Grandma's cracked wheat that you used to eat for breakfast.

Speaking of meals it's also a good meal replacement. Perhaps ProBar will find their own "Jared", although it is marketed to the already active outdoor lifestyle.

To spread the gospel of the ProBar one of the owners and current president has set out on a year long road trip with his family in tow. He has a road trip blog that he updates every once in a while.

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