Monday, July 10, 2006

Weather Too Hot? Shave Your Head

For probably 6 of the last 10 summers I've gotten to a point where the need to cool off the melon has prevailed and led me to shave it all off. Besides checking your ego at the door shaving your head is an instant conversation piece especially handy if you're lacking in the social department.

As far as outdoor adventures go there are a few things that may make you think twice about going outdoors sans hair:
  • Mosquitos now have more exposed skin to go after
  • Carrying a beanie all summer for those cool breezes gets old real fast
  • Remember those childhood bumps on the noggin? No more soft hair to protect (and hide) them from tree branches
  • Your white melon could turn lobster red in 15 minutes
  • Shedding your tee shirt in a hurry for a skinny dip doesn't work so well when your scalp acts like velcro stubble
  • If you're on all fours a hunter may mistake your head for a deer's butt
Still not diswaded? Very well. Although the act of shaving your head seems pretty straight forward if there was any doubt as to how to get the job done the folks at (I'm not making this up) have a step by step guide to shaving your head.



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