Thursday, June 22, 2006

Beal Rope Brush vs. DIYS PVC Rope Cleaner

Wondering what DIYS means? You haven't been spending enough time inrope cleaner from the garage lately have you? Do It Your Self - DIYS has long been the creed of dirtbag climbers and this little home made PVC rope cleaner is a great example of a Home Depot hijack. The plumbing department will certainly be surprised as you one up the "You Can Do It, We Can Help" motto of the Home Depot. To test the theory, ask your local hardware store or Home Depot plumbing department if they can help you make a rope cleaner. Take your digital camera for the "huh?" expression. Tell us the responses you get.

Not feeling up to the challenge? No worries cause carries the Beal rope brush which according to reviewers is the real deal and simple to use.

One customer reviewer wrote:Beal rope cleaner - get that dirt off my rope!
I used my rope brush for the first time. I never knew my rope was that dirty!! I keep my ropes fairly clean but with the rope brush the dirt literally fell off my ropes. I was amazed!! Even when the water ran clear after rinsing, the rope brush still dislodged dirt from my rope. It is a must for any one who likes to have a clean rope but especially those of us who climb in the desert.
So if you can only admire from a distance the McGyveresque skills that the folks at have displayed in putting together a home made rope cleaner just pick yourself up a Beal rope brush. Your rope will be happy either way.

Stay tuned for the rope cleaner show down - Beal Rope Brush vs. Home Depot special.



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