Wednesday, June 21, 2006

National Skateboarding Day vs. National High Five Day

When National High Five Day rolled around a couple months ago, I remember thinking, “Man, it doesn’t get any better than this, a nationally recognized and sanctioned day of throwing high fives.” The problem is that I’m just not a high five kind of guy. I mean, it’s just kind of awkward and meaningless. I think the last time I gave a high five was when I fixed my roommate’s old Schwinn Cruiser by using a C-clamp to hold the handlebars since we couldn’t find the pinch bolt. It seemed appropriate and I was kind of drunk, “Hey, high five.” Maybe my dislike stems from the time I saw my friends steal two bar chairs, and then throw a high five moments before getting arrested. They turned out fine, nothing more than a lifetime ban from Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis.

Anyway, I was pretty stoked when I heard that it’s National Skateboarding Day (even in Fort Wayne, Indiana). It’s a little secret that a handful of people who work at skate. We’re trying to convince the right people to let us put a fun box or something in our warehouse. For now, we skate behind the building trying to jump over stacked up 4x4s. Tonight in Salt Lake, Brewvies Cinema is showing a bunch of skateboard movies for free, and someone told me that they’ll also have $2 Pabst.



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