Monday, July 31, 2006

Cordillera Blanca Gear Tests:
Petzl Elios Helmet

Andy testing the Petzl Elios HelmetPetzl Elios HelmetThe Petzl Elios Helmet is light, comfortable, and burly. This is another piece of gear that my partner and I each brought. We even had the same color. It was like wearing the same dress to the prom, but we dealt with it like adults.

The Elios holds a headlamp securely, which is very important in the mountains, and doesn’t roll back on your head when you look up to ensure the serrac is still where it's supposed to be. The wind blew a chunk of ice off Tocllaraju's ridge when we were on the West Face Direct. By the time it struck me 200ft below, it had enough force to blow my crampons out of the ice and drop me on the anchor. The fact that I’m writing this is proves that it works.

Why I use the Petzl Elios Helmet:
  • It's light
  • It's tough
  • It fits well
  • I'm still alive because of it



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