Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Climbers are becoming what?

We recently published an article in our monthly newsletter about the record setting landing of a helicopter on the summit of Mount Everest. Since its release, our servers have been en fuego with a litany of comments and feedback concerning the authors position on the effect that this may have upon the climbing community. Gee, we thought the photo included in the article was going to be the best part for our readers.

Here's a little gem we received from a reader:

LOL--such spleen over a helo landing is about 50 years too late. Look around and count the number of "records" set these days that are truly unlimited--i.e. no self-imposed equipment or technique restrictions. The time of proclaiming is over, save for tow-in surfing. Climbers will soon have to get over themselves or risk becoming ever-more ridiculous and paradoxical constructs of technology adopting hippies. Oh....wait, it's too late already!



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