Friday, July 22, 2005

I'll see your rep and raise you 4...I call!

Welcome to the Western U.S. edition of business poker...rack style. In a virtual round of business poker, Thule and Yakima have now shown their cards and are waiting for the flop. First Yakima announced a new direction for their rack company and anted up. Next Thule raised the ante and found new life with the former Yakima sales force joining the Thule ranks.

Today Yakima saw Thule's raise with the announcement of a new "core" sales force team of 4 rep companies. Former Ford Mustang Product Development guru David Fee, who has also competed in 4 Ironman's, will be leading the way. And yes, the former Thule team here in Utah has joined the Yakima sales force. Yakima calls!

Confusing? Yea, we're still trying to figure out whose wearing what jersey. Either way, the flop is coming and the river card will be the final determinant to see which auto rack company wins the game. Stay tuned



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