Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oakley outdoes themselves...again.

Looking at this the first time leaves me shaking my head but at the same time seems so obvious for Oakley. In the world of eyewear, be it athletic or urban, they are always raising the bar. It shouldn't therefore come as a surprise that Oakley is introducing the new RAZRWIRE, a Bluetooth compatible phone receiver and top of the line sunglass all rolled into one.

Oakley teamed up with Motorola to make this possible. The headset rests comfortably on either arm with an earpiece that fits comfortably into the ear, allowing the user to receive phone calls without skipping a beat or digging for the cell phone. Its mobility range is up to 30'.

Start lining up for this one. There will be limited quantities, available first at select Cingular Wireless locations. Oh yea, the price tag - a cool $294.99, allowing you to look...cool.

(image courtesy of Oakley)



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