Friday, July 22, 2005

Got gear? Need cash?

eBay. It's huge, sometimes too huge for some outdoor enthusiasts looking to unload their stuff. If you're an outdoor gear manufacturer, it'll inspire more of a cringe. Sure it's the "World's Online Market Place" (R) but sometimes the outdoor world would rather be part of the outdoor world rather than the entire world.

If you've found yourself feeling that way you've had been a real dilema. It seems that unless you had a huge network of bros like the folks on the TGR Message Boards that eBay was the only answer for unloading gear for those of us strapped for cash. is now live and rolling. It's a gear swap website that has been around for a while but until now has been hiding in the shadows. One of the cool things they've done is to eliminate the listing fee - putting more cash in my pocket not theirs. Nice.

And since you're reading this, if you go over there and see some of my stuff, please buy it cause I'm planning a trip to Mexico to ski some big peaks and I need more $$ to pull this off.



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