Monday, February 07, 2005

Utah Govenor Huntsman Guarantees Funding for the Utah Avalanche Center

At the second annual Backcountry Awareness Week Fundraiser Dinner, Utah Govenor Jon Huntsman admitted that he was "a dweeb" - referring to his lack of skiing skills. While speaking at the event held at Snowbird, he was very personal and humble in admitting that although he isn't that good at skiing he is very committed to backcountry awareness and committed over $100K in funding to backcountry awareness, 25K of that going directly to the Utah Avalanche Center. I found him to be quite personal in his speach as he challenged backcountry travlers to reach out to others and communicate information to others who are new to the backcountry.

All in all, it was a good speach and there may be hope for the backcountry community in finding an allay in the governors office.



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