Tuesday, January 25, 2005

We're destined to become drones

It seems that ski and binding manufacturers are tying to make drones out of us all by giving us little or no option but to purchase an integrated binding system. Either you purchase the integrated binding/ski combo or ski your old sticks. For most of us gear nuts, the thought of skiing the same pair of skis more than 2 seasons is like kissing your sister - it's a kiss, but....

Then SIA reports that “Integrated ski systems had double digit growth in both specialty and chain stores, clearly becoming the way of the future. Well, that took rocket science to figure out. If you only offer integrated ski systems, chances are it'll show growth.

Next integration - goggles and helmets, mark my words. Helmet and goggle manufacturers will team up to offer goggles that only fit one type of helmet. Sounds far fetched? So did integrated ski/binding systems 5 years ago.

Ski Press - SIA report



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