Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Atomic Triplet? Triple your pleasure

News leaking out of the Vegas SIA show has pegged Atomic with the most creative and exciting ski offering. The Triplet HP, Atomics new brain child for the park and pipe, gives you not two but three skis with your purchase, and it should hit stores at only $499 or so.

The cool thing is that the skis are all different top-sheets (pink is still hot) so you can choose your ski steeze dependent on your mood, or just have a backup ski in case you blow an edge.

Confused on what to do about buying one solo binding? Here's an idea - Though not intended this way, if you nab two of your buddies and all go in on two purchases, you'll each score a set of skis for $333. Atomic is bringing people together in creative ways. Problem solved.

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