Monday, February 14, 2005

Ice Climbing Competition in....Iowa?

So you live in the middle of no-where Iowa and you want to do a little ice climbing? You can either hop in your trusty Subaru and drive to Ouray, or just set your navigator for Cedar Falls Iowa, give Don Briggs a call and you're ready to start silo climbing.

This past weekend in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the second annual Silo Summit ice climbing competition was held. An invite only competition between midwest college students, the Silo Summit is the dream child of Don Briggs, ice climbing junkie and University of N. Iowa professor. He's such an ice junkie that he even wrote a book about how to turn your neighborhood silo into an ice climbing mecca. It doesn't get any more core than this. If you live within 5 hours of good natural ice, you've got nothing to gripe about - get out there and climb!

The tall silo on the left had thick ice on it until last weekend's 50 degree temps caused the ice to come crashing down, thankfully when nobody was around.




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