Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mountain Bike Season Over? Not So Fast!

This weekend a group of us were sitting in Park City, UT wondering what to do on a Saturday afternoon when the resort we work for asked employees not to ski because of limited open terrain.

Someone threw out Antelope Island down in Salt Lake as a possible mountain bike ride.

I’d never been to the island, but it seemed like a good plan with low elevation terrain, sunshine and temps in the 50’s.

After our ride, I’d say the biking is still in terrific shape.

Recent rains have left the trails tacky and December’s evening temperatures have erased the location’s notorious bugs.

The ride starts off mellow on the double track gravel road that winds over to the southwest portion of the island.

However, the farther south you head, the more rugged the terrain. It’s almost as if you snapped a postcard out of Scotland’s Highland Region – well except for the buffalo…

But back to the island’s southwest aspect – the terrain is outstanding mountain biking territory with rolling, tight single track.

And if you happen to hit this corner of the island at sunset - the view will be well worth your ride.




Anonymous The Adventure Channel said...

Sweet! Especially that buffalo :)

12/08/2008 2:01 AM

Blogger Rory said...

Cool picture with the buffalo. Reminds me of the scene in crocodile dundee where he hypnotizes the water buffalo. (but I wouldn't recommend trying that in real life)

12/19/2008 6:53 PM


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