Saturday, November 22, 2008

Conan Vs. The Moose

I was out running here in Park City to get in shape for ski season (which hasn't started yet, I don't care what y'all say), and as I came down the hill to my house I spotted this baby moose. I say "baby" but if you've never seen one of these beasts, they are massive. I'm not a small guy and I could have saddled up this infant and ridden it, no sweat. Spotting a moose on a trail in Park City isn't a huge deal, usually, except I was in-between baby and mama when I realized that they were there. Anyway, baby ran right up to mom and they both started looking at me like an angry bar bouncer at 1.30am (yeah, that's early, but remember it's Utah). They were not about to leave and they started giving me the "moose eye," so I had to go all the way back up and around to give 'em their space. Twice as much running as I had planned, though I did snap a picture with my phone and the evidence was worth it. -Conan Norkus, BC Gearhead



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