Tuesday, July 29, 2008

T-Minus 6 Days for Karl

Hiking the entire AT trail is an accomplishment. Running it? Some say insanity, others merely scoff. Setting a record by running it in 47 days? Certainly a heavy dose of hubris with some insanity on the side.

But the coolest thing about Karl Meltzer is that he is seriously lacking in hubris and seems to be quite sane. He's been antsy to say the least.

As his adventure gets closer, 6 days away to be exact, excitement is building. The new website WheresKarl.com is ready to go and you can check in on him and follow his progress via the SPOT satellite locater that he'll be using which interfaces with Google maps. Pretty nifty technology.

He's left Utah and is driving the Where's Karl van to the head of the AT trail in Maine.

If you catch a sighting of the van and manage to take a picture of it, send us a photo to: backcountryhorde AT gmail DOT com. I'll send you a Where's Karl tee shirt as thanks.

Good luck Karl!

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Blogger miahblog said...

appalachian trail trail?

automatic teller machine machine?

global positioning system system?

7/31/2008 4:50 AM


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