Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Arm and a Leg

Have you ever noticed that the Jackson Hole logo shows a one arm cowboy with a three legged horse? I think I know why that is.

Along with a number of ski resorts around the country Jackson Hole recently announced their season pass rates for the 08-09 season along with their day ticket price.

Aside from that arm, a leg and perhaps your first born it will cost you $85 for a day ticket or $1,625 for a season pass.

In response to my shock of pass prices, people have told me - "Skiing is expensive". Really? Gee, I never knew.

All the more reason to earn your turns. Buying used gear, my guess is that you can drum up some skins, bindings and even some boots for less than a grand and spend your season burning calories and skiing untracked powder.

Buying new gear to start backcountry skiing won't set you back much more than that season pass. Plus you'll get to use the gear for years. Case in point: (assuming that you are a skier already with some gear)
TOTAL - $1,828

Take away the skis by putting the touring bindings on an existing pair from your quiver and you're under the pass price.

Passes go on sale starting this Friday. Time to decide which arm you're willing to ski without.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha. Skiing is not a cheap activity anymore (nothing really is inexpensive). Instead of going to resorts all the time, I just do cross country. Great exercise, and still a lot of fun. I do miss downhill, though.

7/31/2008 6:10 AM

Blogger Noel Oien said...

A few years back I came to the conclusion that skiing fields was just out of my league pricewise, so I spent the money on touring gear and brushed up my backcountry skills instead. This resulted in a healthier lifestyle, and I haven't looked back since!! Still ski heaps of down hill - fresh!

8/01/2008 4:23 AM


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