Sunday, December 02, 2007

When a Honda and a Jeep collide

Many men, when they reach that apparently painful mid point in life, buy a little sports car or pay a Sherpa to schlep them up a mountain, just to prove they still have IT. What does Sun Valley’s Kip Nelson do? He opens the Honda Ski Tour and Base Camp Music Experience for business. And we in the valley are glad he did. Finally some life is injected into your grandpa’s ski town.

For the second year of the tour, the successful ski competition and concert event, gobbled up its teenage competition. Jeep King of the Mountain will be the moniker of the combined series, with stops in Telluride and Squaw Valley, with the finally in Sun Valley.

This year the tour will be dropping the skier only exclusivity and adding boarder cross and snowboard half pipe to the events. All events are in IOC format, making this a top notch competition.

Not satisfied with a world class snow sport competition? Well you are in luck my greedy little friend because the tour stops will include an impressive night life. Multiple venues with halfway decent bands and adult beverage consumption will remind us what après ski is really about (and no membership is required, my Utah cohorts).



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