Friday, December 14, 2007

Taos opens to snowboarders

Oh what a day in the snow-riding world. Some say Taos caved, others praise them for getting it together. Starting March 19th snowboarding will be allowed at the Taos ski area...err riding area. Dang if I only would have bought the domain, which I am assuming is going to be their new address.

My wife snowboards so I can't say this is the worst thing in the world. I did have to drop a few bills for her tele set-up so we could ride together at Alta. I'm not bitter about that though because I would rather boarders convert to planks and just get with the program.

Is this going to be bring more accidents? More money? More butts on the hill, literally? Yes, yes, and yes! Facts:
  • I love my Alta pass, the fact that I got it for $99 is part of it, but it is nice to not have boarders ripping through lift lines.
  • I don't ski Taos. I don't plan on it.
  • This probably won't directly effect me except for the occasional "C'mon Alta, everyones doin' it" bumper stickers I'll have to read.
I don't think other resorts are going to start falling in line to be more 'family oriented' but then again I don't see the future. If I did see the future I would have snaked that domain name.

Enjoy the 316 comments from the post on the Taos website, it really is like a bunch of kids fighting in a sandbox. And my $99 Alta pass? I got hooked up for a ski school class at the University of Utah. Teach kids how to ski 11 days out of the season, get free lunch, ride thrifty.

What do you think about this whole deal?



Blogger Average Ability said...

As a snowboarder in my 13th season, I’m surprised some areas still don’t allow riding. We knuckle draggers are not such bad guys (and gals) after all. I will be learning to ski this year with my 2 year old son. Does anyone know where I could get some ski gear……..?

12/14/2007 6:23 PM

Blogger powstash said...

From an economical stand point I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. Taos is essentially on it's own there in NM and to alienate snowboarders doesn't really make sense when you look at a struggling business that is trying to lure in destination skiers/riders.

Now Alta and Deer Valley - I hope they always stay skiing only and I think they will remain such given there are 8 other resorts within an hour or so from either one. As a skier I enjoy skiing a resort where my sideways standing brethren aren't clogging up traverses or grooming steeps/powder chutes by side-slipping.

If any of the 3 remaining resorts cave it'll be Alta. It would take an act of Congress for Deer Valley to change and I'm sure Mad River feels the same.

12/15/2007 10:10 AM

Blogger climbingrocks said...

Yeah I hope alta keeps it how it is. Heard on the backcountry goat from a comment that someone emailed Taos to see if it was just for the 08 season. Taos replied:

Yes we will be open to snowboarding from March 19th forward. That does include all up coming seasons.

Thats weird, isn't that like 20 ski-days? NM has some good snow up north but its not going to be open for July 4th or anything.

12/17/2007 2:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read so many comments about he "attitude" of boarders, but the worst thing I see is like your stuff above. More butts on the hill you say? Can't be any worse than you are.

1/27/2008 5:30 PM


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