Monday, September 10, 2007

Pretty in Pink?

While I was up at Snowbird for this year's Octoberfest, I decided to poke around the clearance sales at Christy's and Cliff sports. Because I'm a light and not very aggressive skier, I mostly have to stick with women's skis. As I was looking everything over, I kept wondering why every last darned women's ski seemed to have some shade of pink or purple on the graphic. There were a few blue or red exceptions, of course, but the overwhelming majority of skis were... well... pretty awful.

In the end, I bought a pair of K2 Phat Luv's (that should provide me with the ability to plow through crud that I was aiming for) despite the fact that I think the purple swirly girly graphics are just plain silly (in the store, the saleswomen looked offended when I jokingly referred to them as the Phat Ugs). Ultimately, how your skis- or bike or climbing shoes or the countless other women's specific outdoor items- look doesn't really matter all that much. And maybe for most girls like myself, the super swirly cutsie poo graphics are just mildly annoying. This is of course, supported by the fact that I actually did buy the skis. However, I nearly didn't.

But what about the guys who would in truth be better off with a women's bike frame or a women's boot? Not many have the self assurance to go blazing by on a hot pink bike, or buckled into some opalescent purple ski boots. Perhaps I am just really ignorant about the whole marketing process, and all these froo froo graphics really do sell more skis, bikes, etc., but it seems to me like they might be missing out on some demographics- like the tom boys (such as myself) and guys with high arches and low volume feet, etc.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are admitting to buying girls skis? What are you? Now I know for real this blog and you are a little girlie.....

9/10/2007 8:13 PM

Blogger powstash said...

Uh, her name is "Sarah" in case you didn't see who wrote the post? Sarah is one of the customers who regularly post on this blog. She's usually writing about her favorite place to climb cracks - Indian Creek - but the blog is open for regular customers to post about anything outdoors related...including buying skis which unfortunately for her and most other girls are predominantly pink.

9/10/2007 9:17 PM

Blogger clayd said...

My wife picked these up last winter and loves them. She said that in the crud they were great and had good float, while still being stiff enough the drive though turns. The only thing she didn't like was late season ice, she said it was hard to keep and edge. I get the feeling that it was more an issue of just being a different type of ski for her. All i know is that i better pick up my pace or i am going to be getting left in the dust this season. Heck by the end of last season she showing me up all over the mountain.

9/11/2007 12:22 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

powstash: I'm going to take the "little girlie" comment as a compliment. ;) But thanks for having my back!

clayd: Good to hear that she liked them. I have a pair of Volkl 724 AX2 Gamma Skis that hold their edge nicely on ice, but I just kept getting tossed around in crud. Sounds like this will be an excellent edition to our "quiver". ;)

9/14/2007 3:48 PM


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