Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Signs That Winter Will Soon Be Here

Last night I awoke at 2am and couldn't get back to sleep. The entire time I was thinking about skiing, wondering what lines I was going to ski this coming season, pondering what the snow will be like (Please Ullr, let there be snow) and thinking about what gear I'm going to "need" to pick up.

After awaking this morning I pondered my restless night. I started thinking about what signs signal to me each year that instead of being a distant memory winter is now an anticipated arrival. Here's a list of the signs that tell me I'll be rolling out the red carpet shortly welcoming Winter.
  1. Fall colors - I first noticed some of the under brush changing hues a couple of weeks ago but as I was driving to the valley earlier this week the reds and oranges of the scrub oak was a telling sign that summer's grasp is loosening.
  2. Teasers - All of my favorite ski film companies start to pump out the porn. (ski porn of course) There are too many to point out but a couple of my favorites so far this season are PNW from Theory3 and The Sublimation Experiment from KGB Productions . Like many of you I too am waiting for the Powderwhore trailer for PW07 which should be out soon. (FYI - is one of the title sponsors of PW07) Check out Teaser Season at for a full run down.
  3. Powder Magazine - Despite magazines like Coulior (RIP), Freeskier, Backcountry it's the arrival of the first issue of Powder Magazine and the subsequent cover-to-cover reading of it that surely signals to the brain "let the dreaming begin"
  4. Frost - Although the upper peaks in Colorado and even the tips of the Wasatch have seen the first flakes of white, for me the first frost on the car windows are a sign. This morning I woke to frosted windows, the familiar "scrape" sound of the wipers skimming across the frosted windows in a vain attempt to avoid pulling out the window scraper.
What signals to you that winter will soon be here? What signs of winter's arrival resonate with you? Tell us by posting a comment

Enjoy this tease from Theory 3....




Blogger climbingrocks said...

When I start reaching for the ol' fleece, winter is coming. Can't wait to drop a knee in some freshies!

9/06/2007 3:40 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

I've been feeling the change too. The crisp cool temps in the morning and evening, finally being able to wear jeans comfortably after months of sweaty stickiness, and I swear there's a certain smell in the air too.

I grew up in South Texas, where there are two seasons; summer and Christmas. Since moving to Salt Lake, I've always been delighted by the in-between periods- like the not quite summer, and not quite fall weather we're having.

I've got my new powder skis in my home office- I couldn't bear to imprison them in the garage ski rack. So there they sit, taunting me. I sure hope it snows soon.

9/10/2007 10:50 AM


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