Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cloudveil Celebrates 10 Years as Founders Climb the Dome

Cloudveil - Solid Outdoor Clothing from Jackson, WyomingIn the Tetons amid lofty peaks like the Grand Teton, Middle Teton, Mount Owen and South Teton is a high point that when seen from Jackson Hole calls to any mountain climber. Although Cloudveil Dome is not an actual peak but rather a "prominent point" on the ridge between Nez Perce Peak and South Teton, it's enough of an inspiration to climbers to be oft considered a worthy destination within Garnet Canyon.

It was also inspirational enough for a couple of guys who in 1994 found themselves employed as a manager and retail buyer at Skinny Skis, a Jackson, Wyoming ski and mountaineering shop. It was during that year that Cloudveil took shape in the minds of Stephen Sullivan and Brian Cousins. It would be 3 years later, on June 24, 1997 that Cousins and Sullivan would incorporate and pursue the dream that became Cloudveil. This past June on the 10th anniversary of forming Cloudveil and unknown to many of the Cloudveil employees, Cousins and Sullivan attempted for their first times to climb the "point" that is the namesake of their successful clothing company - Cloudveil Dome.

It's not like these guys aren't climbers. They are and had climbed many peaks and lines even within Garnet Canyon. But for some reason or another Cloudveil Dome hadn't been an objective of theirs. The time had come to scratch another line off the "tick list".

Along for the climb was David Gonzalez and Lauren Whaley of who shot and produced this video featuring Cousins and Sullivan making their way to the summit where they celebrated 10 years in business.

Watching it makes me wonder how many other outdoor industry Presidents and Vice-Presidents could even make the hike into Garnet Canyon, let alone summit Cloudveil Dome. Props to you guys for keeping it real amid the 10 years of hard work, long hours and the success you've seen. After all, we're in the outdoor industry because we spend time in the outdoors, right?

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