Friday, August 03, 2007

Goat Sighting - East Ridge of The Grand Teton

This weeks "Show us your Goat" winner comes to us from Mike Dawson, longtime customer and Park City, Utah local. His buddy Jared submitted a trip report on about the east ridge of the Grand Teton and told him that it was straight forward and "easy going". Sandbagger.


Photo Shot by: Ken Meyer of Mike Dawson (shown in the photo)
Photo Location:
East Ridge of the Grand Teton, Wyoming
About the photo:
We geared up and tackled the infrequently traveled East Ridge of The Grand, which provide classic scrambling, route finding and mixed technical rock and snow travel in exposed terrain. The total vert round trip for the one day push was about 13.5 Kft.

"The Goat" is proudly displayed on my Petzl Elios helmet, which I purchased from last summer. Thanks!

Mike Dawson on the East Ridge of the Grand Teton, Wyoming--------------------------

As a weekly winner Mike will receive Organic Goat Tee Shirt.

If you think you've got what it takes to stick a winner but you haven't got a sticker to stick, head on over to and get yourself a FREE goat sticker by filling out the form or by placing an order as each box we ship gets a free sticker. Then get out there and stick it, take a photo and submit it online.

Or if you see a sticker out there take a photo and submit it as your own.




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