Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mt. Hood PCT Ultramarathon

Mt. Hood from mile 24 of the 50 mile course

How would you like to run on this trail this weekend? Just an hour from Portland, Oregon trail runners will gather for the 9th Annual PCT Ultramarathon this Saturday at Timothy Lake. Backcountry.com is stoked to help sponsor this year's PCT Ultramarathon. This may not be your idea of getting in touch with the Pacific Crest Trail but if I was going to run 50 miles in the backcountry this place would be my first choice.

This year the Oregon Road Runners club have dedicated the race to Scott McQueeney who was a trail running legend. They plan to raise money to donate a foot bridge to Forest Park in his name. If you missed out for this year, catch up with these cats next July. That also gives you 365 days to train which may not be a bad idea.




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