Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Train up a child...

It's the middle of October and the days have been steadily getting cooler. Bouldering in American Fork CanyonThe weather report indicated that we're going to get drenched at the start of the next week, so I figured that this could be the last good weekend to take the family climbing. So we loaded up the vehicles and headed out for American Fork Canyon to clip some bolts. My buddy Tom has bolted some easy sport routes across the highway from The Membrane and we've been climbing there all summer. The kids have the routes dialed so they got bored pretty quick.

After the kids were climbed out, I was determined to get some climbing in as well. We hiked around the side canyon for about an hour without finding the routes that we were looking for. Just at the point when I was ready to lose it we passed a boulder with chalked holds and pockets. So we spent the next few hours working problems. The really cool thing is that the kids were full on into it. It was great to see them so determined to nail the problem and they kept getting back on it, even after they had it wired. All in all it was a great day in the canyon. I hope the kids remember it the way I will. Now bring on the snow.

Bouldering kids in AF Canyon, Utah



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