Tuesday, October 17, 2006

America's Redrock Wilderness - A Land of Beauty

A few weeks back I attended an event for SUWA, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. Although in the past I've been a bit reluctant to embrace this organization (primarily from a lack of ignorance) the experience left me with amazement for the beauty I have the chance to see here in Utah and with respect for those who are diligently fighting to preserve it.

At the event they showed this video which although not as crystal clear in this compressed video as it was on the big screen I think it still captures the wonders of the Redrock Desert landscape in Utah. Enjoy.

The first 14 minutes is the bulk of the message with the remaining 6 minutes dedicated to a current effort that centers around the land adjacent to Zion National Park.

America's Redrock Wilderness Act, now pending in Congress, will preserve one of the world's most unique landscapes — where towering buttes, sweeping plateaus, and intimate canyons are enveloped by a rare and breathtaking silence.



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