Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Goat Sighting - Mt. Olympus, New Zealand

Nothing like getting some turns during the "summer months".

This week's "Show Us Your Goat" winner comes to us from a very cool area of the globe - Club Field (ski resorts are called clubs in NZ), Mount Olympus, New Zealand. Tim couldn't handle the heat of summer in Seattle so by mere impulse he booked a trip to cooler climates and got his ski stoke fueled.

Photo Shot by: Tim Cartwright
Photo Location: Club Field, Mt. Olympus \ New Zealand
About the photo:
Thought you'd enjoy this. Here's a pic of a sticker I put up for you guys at This place is pretty rad. Those uphill tow ropes / nutcrackers - not so rad! (but otherwise fast). It was such a challenge trying to use those things. On a snowboard they would be even less friendly. The terrain was just simply awesome (I skied the chute above the backcountry goat sticker)Mount Olympus in New Zealand
As a weekly winner Tim will receive a Goat Tee Shirt for his next ski trip to New Zealand.

If you think you've got what it takes to stick a winner but you haven't got a sticker to stick, well head on over to and get yourself a FREE goat sticker by filling out the form or placing an order as each box we ship gets a free sticker. Then get out there and stick it, take a photo and submit it online.



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