Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Beware the Attacking Bouldarians. All Things Colorado Revisited.

Ah Boulder, land of the mountain lifestyle. I'm not really sure why so many of us self proclaimed mountain lifestyle people who don't live there love to hate it. Could it be that every time a so called list of the best places to live in the Milky Way galaxy pops up that Boulder is top of the heap? Jealousy you say?

It might be that instead of the standard Subaru Outback with a Thule rack and Smith sticker that would win you acknowledgement in any other western town of being a "mountain person" in Boulder the ante is raised with an Audi A4 Quatro with a custom made sports rack and a "GO VEGAN!" sticker on the window.

Of Boulder writer Marc Peruzzi says:
It's a great place to live, because everyone looks and thinks exactly like you.* Except they're better than you. Get that straight and you'll fit in.
* If your teeth are pearly white and your resting heart rate is below 45 bpm.
Lynn Hill, arguably the best female sport climber ever, said of Boulder: "I love to go out my back door and run on the Dakota Ridge Trail. You have to pick a place that has all the things you need. Boulder was the best place I could think of."

So now you're asking yourself, "Are you sure it's not all gumdrops and lolipops? I mean, if Lynn Hill calls Boulder home, why couldn't I?"

And if you're thinking "He hasn't explained the attacking Bouldarians yet, well just click below and read on as Marc Peruzzi paints the picture for you - it's worth it, if only for the laughs.

Boulder - The Gore-Tex Vortex



Blogger outdoorspro said...

That article really sums up why so many of us in the professional/recreational outdoor world hate Boulder so much. Or more accurately, we love Boulder, but hate people from Boulder.

You can always spot 'Boulder-heads' anywhere; they have more undeserved attitude than anyone in the outdoor world. What an amazing bunch of pricks they can be.

Sorry, but i don't think having the appropriate PC sticker on your Audi and walking around like your shit don't stink gives you any credibility in the backcountry. In fact, those folks tend to be the most dangerous ones around.

Attitude and ego never make up for skills and knowledge, but don't say that too loud in Boulder.

9/12/2006 2:08 PM

Anonymous jimh said...

A nice place to visit, but... Great post and article. I lived in Boulder for a year in the mid-1990's. It was a terrible year. I thought that I had really found a place where I belonged, people there loved the outdoors and were very active. But behind it all was a pretentiousness and exclusivity that eventually drove me away. I also discovered that I had to work two jobs just to get by, and I found myself with precious little time for recreation. The flatirons began to mock me daily. If I had moved to Denver, I might still live in Colorado. But Boulder chewed me up and spit me out.

9/20/2006 10:55 PM


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