Monday, August 28, 2006

And The Mustache Winner Is....

The ballots are in and the winner of the first (will it become an annual event?) employee mustache contest is...

Nate "Grease Ball" Brunson

Most Honorable Mustaches went to:

Never one to take competition lightly "Jumpin" Jim Holland (the CEO) took the simple mustache contest to a new level. He's the one on the right. (Would you work for this guy?)

Ross "Issac" Hayes went retro with his stache

"Pope" John Thomas III as previously seen in an earlier post of stache evidence rounded out the last honorable mention

And lastly to the suave look which was represented by T. "Pickle" Meikle -
"Hallo, H'would you like to buy a car? I have just the thing for h'you."



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