Monday, August 21, 2006

Men of the Mustache - Magnum PI Day Cometh

The time is growing nigh for the employees who are in the mustache contest. Here is the latest from the committee:
As the originator (brain child with inspiration from Jesse Stay) of the official Mustache Contest I'’m stepping in as temporary board chairman for the day. It my privilege to let you know that tomorrow is the day that we all have been waiting for. Yes, that'’s right! It's Magnum P.I. day tomorrow! All contestants that are still real men and holding strong with abstinence need to come to work sporting the Majestic Stache. This is where the real men are separated from the little boys that hide there baby faces under a beard. REAL MEN WEAR MUSTACHES!

Don'’t mistake Magnum P.I. day with Judgment Day (Aug. 24th). So wear your mustache proud! And remember part of the contest is to make it to judgment day with your stache. Picture with out any photo shopping will be accepted from only those that are not able to make an appearance on judgment day.

Judgment day isn'’t the last of the Mustache Contest of 2006. The last day will be determined by how manly the contestants really are! Yes that'’s right the contest goes until the winner of longevity is the last man standing wearing his stache with honor and a good chuck of loot in his pocket.

We the Board have been discussing that the pot needs to be split in half instead of 2/3'’s to the man with the best stache growing skillz and a 1/3 going to the winner of longevity. We the Board are true Mustache Lovers and want to encourage a furry upper lip for a longer season. So we are splitting the pot and the last mustache wearer standing will walk away sexually deprived with his half of the pot.

Let the STACHE wearing begin!



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