Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cordillera Blanca Gear Tests:
MSR Dromedary Bag

MSR Dromedary BagIn my opinion, the MSR Dromedary Bag is the only water bladder you should ever take into the mountains. Many of my climbing partners have had issues with popping their water bladders, but the Dromedary Bag has never given me any problems. I used it for my entire Peru trip, and it performed smoothly. The trick to using a bladder in the mountains is to have to option to leave the hose behind. Stash that sucker in camp, and only use the screw-on cap (comes with the Drom) when the temps will be below freezing. You still get the low-bulk/low-weight advantage, and don’t have to worry about ice blocking your water supply. I would not recommend the Dromlite Bag for trips to the mountains, as I (and several partners) have destroyed them on ice climbing trips, but they do save weight over the standard Drom.

Why the Drom rules:
  • Collapses to save space as you drink
  • Super durable (especially compared to other bladders)
  • Lighter than Nalgen bottles (the 2L Drom weighs 5.6oz)



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