Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beware of the Italian Threat - Mustache Men of Backcountry.com

The dog days of summer. For skiers and snowboarders, which most all of us at Backcountry.com consider ourselves, the dog days of summer have arrived. It is a time when Powder Magazine lands in your mailbox while the temps outside flutter around 90. When snowboard film teasers do more than tease - they taunt. When wiping the sweat off your brow is preparatory for wiping the pow off your goggles. Surely the dog days are upon us.

It's also a time when irrational and wacky things are done, sometimes for the sake of begging and pleading for the early snows to fly and sometimes for the sake of just doing something, well, wacky.

Enter - the Mustache Men contest. Born from the dog days of summer this contest has gained momentum and the participants range from the top of the food chain down to the bottom. Questions like "you in?" and "paid up yet?" have become commonplace around the office. Yea, it's been a productive week for us.

The Contest Details

Everyone that is in pays $5. The judges, a select number of the women at Backcountry.com, will determine who has the best stache after 2 weeks with 2/3 of the money going to him. The the other 1/3 is behind held for the longevity side of the contest. Some are saying this is what separates the men from the boys.

Heros of the stache who we hold in high regard are Thomas P. Magnum, Goose, Pedro Sanches (vote for Pedro) and the one and only Don Mattingly who so proudly wore his stache amid battle on the diamond.

Over the next two weeks we'll be featuring some of the following contestants and showing you just what the dog days of summer have driven some of us snow deprived employees of Backcountry.com to do.

The Players

Introduce the 2006 Mustache Contest Contestants (feel free to take offense to these nicknames).

'Jumpin'’ Jim Holland

T. 'Pickle'’ Meikle

Tim 'Ozzy' Ostler

Phunk (Tammy's Man)

Bob Merrillo

Josh "Sunshine" Rhea

'Mike' Tyson Perry

'Tight pants' Nick Clark 'W. Grizwald'

Todd 'Chicken Pox' Cox

Aaron 'Provolon'’ Provine

'Lt. Pete' Mitchell Kruesi (Not an Italian Threat)

Terry 'Catfish' Grant

John '‘LumberJack' Bresee

Ross 'Isaac' Hayes

Brian 'The Man'’ Gulotta

Dave "‘I'’d Rather Be ________"’ Gauthier

Justin 'Young Republican'’ Pauletti

Cpt. Kirk (or Spock) Harr

'Pope' John Thomas III

Abe Froman 'The Sausage King of Chicago' ”

Scott 'Dapper Denim' Klossner

Christian "I'’m Intimidated by the Italian Threat"’ Gennerman

Matt 'Menlove' Enloe

Nate "I'’m Brown" ”Brunson

David Yusef Sadr

Gardner Saywhat

Sam 'Italian Threat' Bruni

Dave "Dr. Jenkels" Jenkins

Kendall 'Three' ’Card ' Monte'

Gross Alex

Peter 'Makin Noise' ’ Makowski

Greg 'Space Cowboy' ’ Evans

Luke '‘SkyWalker'’ Cudney

Dustin '‘the Kandy Man'’ Robertson

Christian '‘Deville'’ Castellani (from Poison)

Walt W. Walters (his website: www.www.com)

"We on the committee are extremely proud of you all for signing up," said committe chair Brian 'The Man'’ Gulotta, "and for putting your love lives on the line. The memories will be worth it. The pot o-money is up to about $150. I wish you the worst of Luck. It'’s On."
And in case you are wondering, my wife said that she wasn't going to kiss a scruffy face man and threw down an ultimatum - the Mustache Men contest or kisses. I'm proud to say I'm still scruffy.



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