Friday, August 18, 2006

Hey Buddy, You Forgot Your Shoes

"Hey buddy, you forgot your shoes" is something I'm sure that Barefoot Brett (known around as barefoot bmw) has heard from time to time as he trains for yet another marathon. Brett has now run a total of 3 marathons in his life, all of them barefoot. The Deseret Morning News marathon in Salt Lake City, Utah was his latest. The Deseret News wrote about Brett's friend Rick Roeber, aka Barefoot Rick who also ran the marathon in Salt Lake City.

What's next for Brett? He recently picked up the new Vibram FiveFingers and has been putting them to the test on the Glenwild Loop Trail, an eight mile loop of fine single track here Park City, Utah.

Another unique aspect of Brett's running is that he is an avid fan of merino wool products from companies like Ibex and Smartwool. No polyester/nylon running shirts for him. 100% natural please.

Orlando Sentinel ran an piece about Brett's barefoot running citing that "For Williams, an employee of who goes barefoot at work, the plunge into barefoot running got off to a bumpy start..." I wonder if the "bumpy start" was the hazing he took from the office. Weather you think he's nuts or not, there's no denying that he's committed to the core.



Blogger Barefoot Guy said...

I run barefoot, I have really enjoyed this blog.
Keep up the good blogging.


9/07/2006 4:39 PM


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