Wednesday, March 23, 2005

REI, the Worker's Friend

Wow, REI guys make sweet bank...seeing as most of us are members of the COOP, I thought y'all might appreciate this info:

"Acquiring this (executive salaries)information from REI itself is not easy. You find it by going to the "About REI" page (, then by clicking on "financial information" in the left menu, which takes you to a PDF document, at the end of which is a link to the 2003 consolidated financial statements, which, when clicked, takes you to a page about how often reports are compiled, with a link at the end of the text to an "overview," which takes you to a page where Chairman of the Board Bill Britt explains the co-op's philosophy about compensation, and at the end of that text there's a link to "details on REI's executive compensation," which takes you to a page of more explanation of how compensation is determined, and near the bottom of that page, there's a link to a Summary Compensation Table, which leads you to a PDF document detailing the past three years of compensation for the co-op's top executives."

Read the whole article here: Big Bucks



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