Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Preseason ordering world

Well it's still chaos on the frontline of preseason orders. I don't see an end until April sometime. And then I just got a call that we are heading to The North Face the first week of June. Basically there is no break in seasons from a preseason standpoint. It never ends it just keeps beginning. As we expand our brands at this will continue to be the case. I love it!!

Rumors that I cannot confirm and unconfirmed:
Vans Classics footwear are backorderd until 9/1/05. CONFIRMED
TNF will have two catalogs for Fall 2006 one for Big Box/Gart Bros and one for specialty. CONFIRMED
Quiksilver is trying to buy Rossignol: UNCONFIRMED
Ammon Watches is being sued by Vestal Watches for Copyright infringment: UNCONFIRMED

That's what I got from the front line. Stay tuned for more.



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