Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vulcán Villarica

Well, I left Anchorage last Monday in a snowstorm and travelled 3 consecutive nights to arrive in Pucon on Thursday morning at 8am and meet my old friend Scott and new friend Christian. Our intention is to spend 2 weeks skiing volcanoes in Chile . . .

So, true to KO form, I got off the bus and on my skis, as we headed to Villarica that afternoon. It was just over 5000 ft climb and descent in super good corn! Enjoy the view!

Villarica from downtown Pucon
Me at the beginning of the descent
Scott and I looking down on the world
photos courtesy of Christian Ratcliffe



Blogger google said...

You were lucky to see the volcano from town - took me a week to get that view. It was always covered in clouds.

One of my most memorable ski runs was down the side of Volcan Villarrica - a lava chute with a thin ice crust, in the afternoon sun. Ahhhh...

10/26/2008 6:07 AM


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