Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top 10 Gear List for Gannett Peak, WY

A week long expedition to Gannett Peak in the Wind River Mountain Range makes my back sore just thinking about it. Packing for a trip like this requires thinking about what you really want to haul into the mountains and what should be left at home. I try to stick to the cliche of light is right, but I don't want to sacrifice comfort either. With this in mind I have included my top ten pieces of gear that I will not leave at home.

I love this setup! The Mojo is light, bomber, and is great while surfing the mountains. Voile has developed a great board and they stand by their product. 

These three buckle boots allow me to enjoy skinning, boot packing without toe jam, and are crampon compatible for those hairy couloir climbs. Keep 'em loose and they will still allow that surfy feel.

This bag is the bomb! Super light with great loft and packs down great!

I wouldn't be caught in the mountains without this shelter. It sets up on rocks, in the trees, on snow and is one of the lighter shelters/tents out there. 

Higher altitude, cold, melting water? This is the ticket!

This is a nice light axe that is so popular in the backcountry and seen from the Tetons to the Wasatch.  

7. Crampons: Black Diamond Sabretooth Crampons
These crampons are great from mellow spring snow ascents to technical ice climbs. Maybe not the lightest, but they will get you up the mountain without concern.

8. Ipod Solar Charger: Solio Classic Solio Solar Charger
A week in the middle of the mountains, snoring tent mate, or that little boost needed on that long slog, the Solio Charger will keep the tunes crankin' with a little help from the sun. Keep it green!

9. Freeze Dried Food: Mountain House Single Serve Meals
Freeze dried keeps cooking simple and easy to prepare when you are hungry. I really like the single serve size packages to keep the pack less bulky.

These little filters keep the fresh ground java flowing on those cold mountain mornings. Super light, small, and fits over a cup nicely.

With that, I am off to go pack my backpack and get geared up for a great week in the Winds! Just three days left and we will be hitting the trail in search of a great summit and some fun couloir skiing/riding.  Stay tuned for the trip report when we return. 

Peace~Jeramie Prine 



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