Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Holding On To Winter

Spring if officially here. The sun is out today, people are riding bikes, birds are chirping and the bluebird skies with the occasional puffy clouds have warm weather written all over them.

For a lot of people winter is but a memory replaced by trail running, biking, golfing, speed walking...whatever gets you revved up for spring and summer fun. While I skied powder last week at Alta, I'm feeling like it's time to throw a summer wax on the skis and hang 'em up.

Then there are some who hold on to winter with a kung foo death grip, hoping to get every last vertical foot of sliding on snow until the happy sun melts it all, smiling the entire time. Doing so can be a lonely road.

Evidence below as seen while driving to Salt Lake City today. Click on the image to see the full size and you'll spy the single, lone track down the bowl lookers right of the middle of the photo.




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