Friday, May 02, 2008

Teton Skiing - West Hourglass Coulior

Steve Romeo gets after it. Not in that "ah, I guess I'll head up to the pass and ski a couple of laps today" sort of way. No, he's of a different breed.

He obsesses about skiing peaks and beautiful lines, 365 days a year. He gets up around the time most college kids are going to bed and heads off into the dark to his objective. He watches the weather like he works for the Weather Channel. To say skiing is a part of him is like saying his heart and lungs are a part of him. Separating the two would be...the end.

As a result of this, and thanks to a bit of technology, he produces a tremendous amount of ski related stoke for those of us who confine ourselves to desks, responsibility and the other "joys" of life. If you don't read his blog,, you should.

This video is the result of the other day's foray into the Tetons to ski the West Hourglass Coulior. To day this would be awesome in February is a given. But late April conditions? A tip of the hat to you Mr. Romeo!




Blogger rob story said...

Romeo is the Teton backcountry beta machine. Plus, I like how well rounded his blog is- skiing TR's, rescue TR's, gear reviews, backcountry gear how-to's....good stuff!

5/03/2008 5:43 AM

Blogger Steve said...

Thanks Yo!!!

5/05/2008 6:59 AM


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